Axiom Law Uses Ethics To Innovate


I recently read a wonderful law review article by Stephen Gillers, a professor at New York University School of Law, called A Profession, If You Can Keep It: How Information Technology and Fading Borders Are Reshaping The Law Marketplace and What … Continue reading

Champagne Is Turning Into Water – Why The Billable-Hour Model Won’t Last


The following comment inspired this blog post and helped me think of some new and convincing reasons why the billable hour will cease to be the predominant business model in the legal services industry within the next five to ten years: Who here … Continue reading

What Do S&P 500 Companies Want From Their Law Firms?


In this video, David Wilkins discusses what corporate clients expect from their outside law firms. It is required viewing for anyone that works in a large law firm. This presentation is based on a recently published white paper called  Corporate … Continue reading

The Power of Mathematica


Stephen Wolfram explains why law students should be learning programming as well as computer science. His blog post is a must read. See Talking About Computational Future at SXSW 2013. “So we’re slowly moving toward people being educated in the … Continue reading

Human Insight At Machine Scale!

Narrative Science

Narrative Science is a Chicago based company that makes a software program called Quill. What can Quill do? At bottom, Quill can analyze large amounts of data and write stories based on that data. Most importantly, it can do so … Continue reading

How long before IBM enters legal services industry?. . . It Already Has

USC Logo

On March, 1 2013 I wrote a post titled “How Long Before IBM Moves Into The Legal Services Industry?” Apparently, the answer is a little less than two weeks. On March 11, 2013 the University of Southern California hosted the … Continue reading

ReInvent Law Silicon Valley 2013 – A New Hope


ReInvent Law Silicon Valley 2013 was the most important experience of my law school career. It opened my eyes to new and exciting opportunities within the legal services industry that I had never considered before. As a result, I have … Continue reading

ReInventing The Market For Legal Services In The United States – Part I


If we want to ReInvent the market for legal services in this country then we must first understand what is wrong with it. But I am not going to engage in a lengthy discussion of the challenges we face. The … Continue reading

ReInvent Law Silicon Valley 2013 Is Almost Here!


ReInvent Law Silicon Valley is a little more than a week away and I could not be more excited. The prospect of meeting other like-minded individuals (i.e. people interested in entrepreneurship, technology, business, design & the law) is extremely energizing. … Continue reading

Mark Harris On The Future of The Legal Services Industry

Mark Harris

This is a clip of Mark Harris, co-founder & CEO of Axiom Law, responding to the following question: What do you see in the future for legal practice (1) increasing un-bundling and specialization, (2) consolidation of services and vendors into … Continue reading