My name is Brian Peterson. I am currently an associate at a law firm in Kansas City, Missouri. I received my bachelors degree from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations (Class of 2010) and I received my JD from the University of Texas School of Law (Class of 2013). I created Disruptive Legal Innovations because it is a resource that I have wanted for the past several years but could not find.

It is surprisingly difficult for law students and young licensed lawyers to learn the “business-side” of providing legal services. Authoritative treatment of the subjects most relevant to running a legal services business (e.g. law firm economics, marketing, sales, project management, business strategy & entrepreneurship) are usually only available in high priced publications produced by consulting firms. To make matters worse, the vast majority of law schools (with a few outstanding exceptions) do not offer substantive courses in any of these subjects. Therefore, anyone who wants to learn about these subjects must do so on their own time and will most likely only have access to a patchwork of educational materials.

I hope Disruptive Legal Innovations is a place where law students and practicing lawyers can join me in my journey to learn how to “think like an entrepreneurial business person.” I also want it to serve as a platform for innovation. Through mutual learning and discussion we can gain the skills necessary to compete in the modern economy. Together, we can learn the business of providing legal services and see “what is coming next” before anyone else does.

This is a personal blog. The information on this site is NOT legal advice. You should not base any action – or lack of action – on any information included in this website. If you post on this website or otherwise contact me, no attorney-client relationship is created, and no confidential information should be transmitted.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting material…keep up the good work….great to see young lawyers thinking about and evaluating the changing legal landscape….and, most importantly, becoming aware of the rapid changes that the law is experiencing….i operate a small tech company that does seo, ppc management and lead gen for attorneys…i’m often amazed the number of our colleagues that will be left behind…i know attorneys that don’t even have a website..and worse don’t see its value….anyway, keep up good work….and flow like water…i really like that….

  2. Hi Brian

    Strong work! What a great collection of resources about what I’d call NewLaw.

    For your book list, you might consider George Beaton’s e-book ‘NewLaw New Rules -A conversation about the legal services industry’ (with a foreword by Richard Susskind). Ten of the 35 contributors were speakers at the recent ReInvent Law meeting in NYC. (As a disclaimer-I am a recent JD grad who project-managed this). Our video trailer is currently featured on the Global Legal Post website. I would be happy to provide a copy if you are interested.

  3. Hi Brian,

    As always very interesting read and thoughts. I really enjoy your posts about innovation and disruptive ideas in the legal industry. Looking forward to new posts to read and discuss more innovations. Cheers!

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